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Participants' Production: Blogs and Wikis

Page history last edited by efzoniou@gmail.com 9 months, 2 weeks ago

Participants' Production: Blogs and Wikis Participants' Production: Blogs and Wikis  

Week 3: Participants' Production


Blogs and Wikis



After you have created your blog and/or a wiki and embedded your presentation(s), please share the link to your blog/wiki on this page. Please don't forget to visit other participants' blogs and wikis to see their work.


Name   The URL of the blog  The URL of the wiki 
Marie-Hélène Fasquel
Pascale Muselle


Your wiki is "private." No one can see it. Go to settings and make it public if want us to access it. 

Sorry ;( I have just changed the settings. Be my guest !

Sophie Cholewka



Sophie Cholewka


Done!!!!!!!! Thank you for your help.

Tiziana  Angiolini

My blog


This is my blog- which has been created to write about this experience ( I am doing another EVO SESSION)

Post about week 3 with embedded presentations:



 This is the link to my wiki - it needs improving



In this page you can see some presentations  I have created and shared- I have also added one which I created by using  Thinglink





Sophie Cholewka


This is my blog I used with my students for collaboration with a group of students from another learning centre.


Marija Huzjak-Saban 



My first animoto production  https://animoto.com/play/T07FgL1koAf0iQ1hHCNBxg

Here is my older photopeach about London, I've been using quite often with my students.

Short Quiz about London on PhotoPeach








Elisabete Gomes  


Good job Elisabete. The link you shared goes straight to your pages and files view. Maybe you should share the blue man's page. This one is nice because you embedded the video. 



Marina Leonova    http://mleonova.pbworks.com/w/page/114734787/ICT2017 




This is a link to my Blog I cteated last year for ICT4ELT2016 session. The blog has been renewed this week. I embedded my new presentation in the Audio/Photo/Video page. The presentation is constructed with the help of PhotoPeach, the tool, I've   never used before. Here is the direct link to the slideshow https://photopeach.com/album/wl0a50?invitecode=5b95b23f04  .



I have embedded my first PhotoPeach creation. I wanted to add more pictures but I could not rotate some of them... What was the problem? Personnaly I find it easier to use Imovie and keynote as you do not need an Internet connection and it is free. My first blog!!! How exciting!!!  Great job.  About rotating, I guess that you can do that in the embedding choice. 

Check it out London on PhotoPeach  
Heba Alsayyad   
Pushpa Nagini Sripada Here I wish to share link to my newly created bolg and also link to my website( created last month) . I  added links to my blog and photo peach to my website 'electracy' in the last page.thanks to team ICTELT2017 I will improve website by changing photos as 'photo show'. 





Sara Tilleman   


I created a folder called my personal page and I want 40 students to each have their own page - should I connect all of the pages together or does everyone just go in the folder and find their page?

If  you want all the students to be able to visit all the pages and to find their way around the wiki, the easiest way is to link the pages. You can link them from the sidebar  or from one front page. You can check what we did for you by linking the pages from the sidebar.  It is especially important if you plan to ask your students to visit other students' pages to read or leave comments. (Sanja)

Svitlana Kuzmych 


Embedded presentation about Kyiv.


Margaret Jones  I created a photo slide show on Animoto and embedded it in my new blog. This should be the link if all went well: 
Sophia Androulaki 

Here is the link to my blog with Animoto and Photo Peach presentations embedded


Efrossini Zoniou 


I made a quiz on Photopeach QUIZ FOR BARDOLATERS QUIZ FOR BARDOLATERS on PhotoPeach  


A great English teacher

Akhil Augustine 



Dubravka Crnic   



María de los Angeles Bortagaray 


I created this blog some time ago. I have embedded the presentation in it.

Aloisia Sens


Now I have changed the settings - it is public now!

I created a Photopeach video - but was unable to embed it - so I created two Animoto videos.


Tania Hadlow 

My blog with my photo peach presentation embedded.



Ankica Saric  

My First Wiki

My wiki with a photopeach.

Béatrice H. Alves    My first attempt at Wikispaces with an embedded Capzle widget
Sara Amidoni



Comments (24)

Marina said

at 1:29 pm on Jan 23, 2017

Sorry but I can't add a link to my wiki http://mleonova.pbworks.com/w/page/114734787/ICT2017. I don't know why.
Can anybody help me, please!

Jose Antonio da Silva said

at 5:11 am on Jan 24, 2017

Hi Marina,
Why don't you embed the presentation itself. Please check the tutorial about embedding in the Week 3 page on the wiki.

Marina said

at 1:54 pm on Jan 24, 2017

Hi Jose,
I read the tutorial, tried embedding my presentation but it said "Error URL" when I tried to paste the address. What can be wrong?

Marina said

at 2:46 pm on Jan 24, 2017

Finally done! It has been embedded!

elisabetegomes said

at 8:21 pm on Jan 23, 2017

Try control+v. It should work

Marina said

at 1:51 pm on Jan 24, 2017

Thank you for your tip. It works.

Sophie Cholewka said

at 3:43 am on Jan 24, 2017

I have created a video in PhotoPeach (as above) and wanted to follow the suggestion to embed it using YouTube instead of linking it, however I wasn't able to do so as I couldn't download the video. To be able to download, you would have to buy the licence. Therefore I did the linking of the video. My Animoto one has neen embedded.

Jose Antonio da Silva said

at 5:14 am on Jan 24, 2017

Hi Sophie,
You won't need to download the video. When you click on 'INSERT' you will be given the option to insert a YouTube video. You will just have to copy the link of the video and paste it to the box that will pop up. Check out the video on embedding to pbworks on the list of tutorials in Week 3 page.

Sophie Cholewka said

at 9:47 am on Jan 24, 2017

How do I get PhotoPeach video to YouTube so that I could then embed it? PhotoPeach does not allow me to download my video unless I guess I pay for the upgrade.

Sanja Bozinovic said

at 8:47 pm on Jan 24, 2017

@Sophie - When you have created your photopeach and you are happy with all the details so that you want to embed it, just hover with your mouse over the right-hand side of the slide, you will see different options to share it. One of them is to embed. The symbol is a pencil. It should be just above the download symbol. When you click on it, it will give you the embed code, the code that you will paste into your blog or wiki to embed your slideshow. There is no need to download.

Sophie Cholewka said

at 11:51 pm on Jan 24, 2017

Super, done, thank you!!!!!

Margaret Jones said

at 11:07 pm on Jan 25, 2017

I created a photo slide show on Animoto and embedded it in my new blog. This should be the link if all went well:

Margaret Jones said

at 11:09 pm on Jan 25, 2017

Is there a way to add my name and link to the table on this page? How? Thanks

Sanja Bozinovic said

at 4:12 am on Jan 26, 2017

@Margaret- Please look at the top right hand corner of the page and you will see where to click to ask permission to be a writer on this page (Request Access). As soon as you get the permission, you will be able to log on the page and edit, just like any other wiki.

Pushpanagini Sripada said

at 12:53 pm on Jan 26, 2017

Pl help me by making suggestions how I can record my talks and share the lessons. Ican talk and record on my PC, but I wish to do with ppt seen more than my face. Just like the way we see minimum of speakers in a webinar. I wish to share my slides while I speak and record the same. I got selected to be online teacher, I am expected to send 10 minutes talk like webinar kind of. How can I record like the moderators doing here with more focus on slides and illustrations. Pl help

Larisa said

at 4:27 pm on Jan 27, 2017

I use Google Hangouts on Air.It's now on You Tube https://youtu.be/YaR4IWfxWXA

Sanja Bozinovic said

at 4:44 pm on Jan 26, 2017

@Pushpanagini - You could try https://screencast-o-matic.com/ It allows you to record everything on your screen plus audio, up to 15 minute videos with the free account. Good luck!

Larisa said

at 11:08 am on Jan 27, 2017

Sanja, thanks a lot!

Margaret Jones said

at 8:06 pm on Jan 26, 2017

Thanks Sanja! Got it.

Sara Tilleman said

at 1:01 am on Jan 27, 2017

Hi Sanja - I asked how I can link the separate pages of 40 students and you suggested the following: "You can link them from the sidebar or from one front page. You can check what we did for you by linking the pages from the sidebar. It is especially important if you plan to ask your students to visit other students' pages to read or leave comments. (Sanja)" I didn't see that you linked the pages from the sidebar. I created a folder in the sidebar called MY PERSONAL PAGE - do they just go into the folder and find their name there or should I make one page and link all 40 pages there - I still can't see the "big picture". Thanks! Sara Tilleman

Sanja Bozinovic said

at 5:46 am on Jan 27, 2017

@Sara - I thought that it is best to have a list of the students' pages, one by one, named so that they know whose page is which, easily clickable. When you create their individual pages and name them by their names or some other way, I suggest that you create one more page that will serve as a front page of that folder, so that it contains the list of links to all pages. If you put the folder in the sidebar, that would be the easiest way for your students to find the right page. My point is that you should make it easy to use for students. When I refered to what the moderators did, I thought of the Participants' Wiki - it is easy to find all the pages where you go to add your comments or some content because all the pages are listed in the sidebar.

Sara Tilleman said

at 10:13 am on Jan 27, 2017

Thanks Sanja - I finally got it - :)

Tania said

at 12:07 am on Jan 29, 2017

Hi I've just uploaded a link to my blog. It includes a link to my photo peach.

Jose Antonio da Silva said

at 6:32 am on Feb 2, 2017

@Larisa, I really lked your blog. You created different pages for different kinds of content. The layout is also very interesting. Great job.

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