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Week 4 Live Session

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 Week 4 Live Session


Arjana Blazic








Tools for online assessment


To watch the recording of the session, click here.


Arjana' presentation:




Ayat and Sanja's screenshots of the session:





Comments (5)

Marija said

at 4:11 am on Jan 31, 2017

What to say? Great presentation! What an inspiration!I think I'm going to play cahoot as soon as I enter my classroom. This year I'm lucky enough to work in the classroom with Internet access and tablets. I really enjoy my classes! Thank you dear Arjana. I've received the boost of energy that will last till next EVO session!

Marina said

at 12:23 pm on Jan 31, 2017

Thank you, Arjana, for your great presentation, all practical tips how to use tools effectively.
Having a chance to play helped understand better how it works. I’ve never used some of the tools you talked about. They seemed to be very complicated to use but in fact they are simple and easy to apply in everyday practice. They are easy to use and safe for assessing students’ academic achievements. A teacher can create various tests and kinds of assessments to use in class and as a homework.

Pascale Muselle said

at 6:30 pm on Jan 31, 2017

Good evening
I have just watched Arjana's presentation and I wish I had been able to attend the webinar last night, I would have loved to play with the other attendees.
Apart from Kahoot, the other tools are unknown to me and I am eager to try them with my students and colleagues. Last year, at the end of the school year I organized a challenge with Kahoot for the last class before the Summer break. This year I 'll try a new tooL Thank you for sharing. I loved Arjana's sentence "sharing is caring". This is how I have been feeling since I joined the ict4elt2017 team.

elisabetegomes said

at 6:51 pm on Jan 31, 2017

Great session yesterday. Lots of interesting tools. I loved playing Kahoot, Very nice, indeed. I am going to prepare some quizzes for my classes this week. Very useful for formative assessment, too.

Sophie Cholewka said

at 5:08 am on Feb 4, 2017

I loved Kahoot. Will have to experiment with my students now. Thank you.

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